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Friends Only



Hello everyone, this journal is now locked as friends only, because I LOVE making new friends~
The graphic entries are still not locked, you can also find them all at my shared graphics community.
Please, check out my profile before adding me, it is simply better to have some common interests. But what you have to know is :



Thanks yue_akuma for that cutie <3
And I also would like it better if you comment here before adding me =]
I didn't want to make friending rules because I am not a dictator, but those two little are a must I think so :

° Don't add me if your LJ is not alive, I mean, it is hard to be friends if you never update
° I don't want everybody commenting for all my entries, but just once in a while, because I'll surely do the same for you.

Oh and check out my communities :

yatta_iconz || wonderbang_ism || 4minute_rating || t_araratings || ukiss_ratings

That's all, thanks for stopping here~
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Yes again, as you can see, I'm on hiatus yeah, an electricity problem now, so it means no tv, no music, no computer, no lights, well nothing at all, very funny, and I have to stay like that for at least five days, okay well, don't forget me please lol bye bye~